Mandated Data Collection: Challenges and Solutions

December 6, 2019

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 The complexities of today’s regulatory environment can pose significant challenges as agencies are expected to demonstrate robust oversight, report clinical outcomes, monitor staff training and meet accreditation standards. When data collection is mandated, understanding and implementing these directives may feel like an insurmountable task. Large and small agencies can struggle to develop the infrastructure and internal processes needed to address growing regulatory pressure. It is unlikely mandates will abate, but rather agencies will be met with increasing and unforeseen future directives.

Finding the right strategy to address mandates and regulations is necessary for an effective solution to regulatory oversite. The right strategy means using:

  • Time-tested tools that align with agency workflow
  • Software products designed to meet data collection and reporting requirements.
  • A proven implementation and training plan for each initiative. The lack of a plan is cited as common reason why initiatives fail or are rejected by agency staff.

The Right Strategy for Kentucky: Tools and Products Designed to Meet Data Collection Needs

Three years ago, Advanced Metrics began a collaboration with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, University of Louisville and multiple community providers to develop a standardized Behavioral Health Screening and Assessment process within Kentucky’s out-of-home care program for children and youth. Out-of-home care is a court monitored process that includes services and residential placements provided to children and families when children are removed from their home due to identified child welfare concerns.

Implementing the standardized Behavioral Health Screening and Assessment process for Kentucky’s out-of-home care program, required the right software tool to record data, report on outcomes and increase care coordination. Advanced Metrics’ software solution, Advancing Outcomes (formerly known as KIDnet), is the right software strategy for Kentucky’s statewide out-of-home care program.

Advancing Outcomes seamlessly manages the disconnect in data collection and reporting between community out-of-home care providers and state care managers and administrators.

  • Upon intake into the out-of-home care program, an initial Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment (CANS) is completed by a Kentucky Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) care manager.
  • In real time, Advancing Outcomes software solution and Application Program Interface, known as an API (the bridge that shares information between two software systems) moves that information to the authorized out-of-home care and mental and behavioral health provider.
  • Across the course of out-of-home care treatment, providers regularly enter CANS into Advancing Outcomes.
  • In real time, Advanced Metrics’ software and API moves that information back to the authorized state care manager.

Using multiple data points, dynamic reports can be generated and accessed by community providers and state administrators to inform decision making and improve outcomes. In the Advancing Outcomes managed process, care managers, out-of-home care providers and families can actively plan using real time data to inform placement decisions.

The Right Strategy Leads to Better Outcomes for Kentucky’s Children’s Safety and Well-Being

We understand that software alone is often not the sole answer, it is part of an effective strategy, as in the out-of-home care program in Kentucky. According to Lizzie Minton, Clinical Consultant for the Behavioral Health Screening and Assessment project in Kentucky, there have been tangible results leading to better outcomes for children’s safety and well-being.

A Proven Implementation Process and Access to Resources

Advanced Metrics Science to Service mission provides a framework that goes well beyond traditional technology.  Our robust data collection and reporting software can assist with mandates and compliance requirements.

However, the heart of Advanced Metrics is our multi-disciplinary team and our clinical and content experts. Adding the appropriate implementation model and resources to exceptional software is our commitment to the field. As part of that commitment we have compiled some of our knowledge and expertise into our white paper, Providing Software Solutions for Data Collection Challenges. We hope that you find our knowledge helpful when looking for a solution to your data collection, regulatory or implementation challenges. Connect with us if you would like a demo of Advancing Outcomes or any of our software solutions, or for expert consultation on data collection challenges and solutions.

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