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We are currently looking for talented individuals to join our growing team! With Advanced Metrics, you can use your passion to develop and implement innovative software solutions that have a true impact on the well-being of communities and individuals. 

The Business Analyst (BA) will perform detailed requirements analysis, document process, and perform user acceptance testing. The Business Analyst should have a natural analytical way of thinking and be able to explain difficult concepts to non-technical users. Further, the BA should have a deep understanding of the connection between business operations and technology for potential and existing clients across all Advanced Metrics products which includes awareness of the latest trends in technology. Click to Apply

The Data Analyst is responsible for mastering all software applications developed at Advanced Metrics and to assist customers and internal team members in the review, understanding and analysis of data sets from each application. This role is essential to successful software implementation, our Science to Service model and customer satisfaction. It is expected that the Data Analyst will be able to apply proven techniques and strategies to meet the various needs of Advanced Metrics customers. The Data Analyst will learn and apply the industry standards in data analytics and continue to improve and monitor the effectiveness of the approach and adjusting accordingly to industry needs. Click to Apply

A Front End Application Developer is responsible for ensuring the alignment of web design and user experience requirements, optimizing web pages for maximum efficiency, and maintaining brand consistency across all web pages. Developer will work with the technology team to design, and build various Science to Service products using Typescript, Html, CSS, and SCSS. Click to Apply

The Sales Development Representative (SDR) supports a high-growth focused leadership team by utilizing the latest sales and marketing technology to accelerate business growth. The Sales Development Representative is key in the research, cultivation, and activation of leads, as well as scheduling discovery calls and providing timely and thorough communication both internally and externally. Click to Apply

The Senior Software Engineer will collaborate with the engineering team to produce applications that are well performing, scalable, secure, and easy to maintain. The Senior Software Engineer is responsible for technical planning, organizing, and conducting technical projects in design and development. This role will teach and stay abreast of new technologies in an ever changing and growing industry of technology and healthcare. Click to Apply

The Solution Support Lead is responsible for assisting in the maintenance of positive business practices. This position leads Solution Support, co-leads the Project Management Resource Team, assists with marketing, lead coordination, and the SOC2 audit process. This is a collaborative position that requires working with the Advanced Metrics team and its customers to solve problems, create efficiencies, and help drive the business forward. Click to Apply

The Trainer and Implementation Lead is responsible for leading the training and implementation process. Advanced Metrics has a portfolio of solutions, and this position is responsible for having a deep level of knowledge and skill with each solution. This role is responsible for providing an exceptional implementation experience to the customer. Relationship and business development are also important components of this position. The Trainer and Implementation Lead is responsible for mastering the different software applications developed at Advanced Metrics to assist customers in all phases of implementation and training. Click to Apply


Advanced Metrics Team Members Experience Benefits Such As:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical Plans
  • Wellness and Advancement Opportunities
  • Pride in Working for a Mission Driven Company
  • Support to Meet Professional and Life Goals

If you have a passion to develop and implement innovative software solutions that have a true impact on the well-being of communities and individuals – we welcome you.

For more information contact Advanced Metrics:

Advanced Metrics’ core values of grit and happiness are embodied by each member of the Advanced Metrics team. We promote the ideal of happiness, to encourage Advanced Metrics team members to experience joy in their home and work life, understanding that this balance leads to greater quality of life and purpose. One aspect of Advanced Metrics that we are most proud of is the cultivation of our tight knit workforce. Our supportive team approach to software development allows us to learn from experience finding the most innovative and creative approach to our customers development requests. We encourage you to take a look at our team page to meet our team members and hear about their first-hand experience at Advanced Metrics.