A Multi-Disciplinary Team Dedicated to Supporting Each of Our Partnering Agencies

We want each of our partnering agencies and users to have the confidence needed to effectively utilize the data driven insights our software solutions provide.   Advanced Metrics supports this initiative through the value added services we provide each of our partnering agencies.   Our partnering agencies have access to a defined implementation and training process, a knowledgeable and invested solution support team, talented developers and consultative services provided by content experts.  

Implementation & Training

Our science with service model incorporates a vetted implementation and training approach that reflects best practice implementation science.


Solution support representatives partner with the end user to gauge the severity of a request and aid with information gathering to ensure efficient resolution.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have allowed our partners to more effectively connect critical client data to existing systems.


Advanced Metrics content experts provide partners with consultation in data collection, data interpretation,  conference preparation, utilization of data in treatment and outcome planning.

Advanced Metrics’ science-informed software solutions are enhanced and backed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to your success.

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