Our Values

Doing Business for Good

Making Data Human

Advanced Metrics became a Benefit Corporation (BCorp) in 2017 because we believe that doing business for good goes beyond financial performance. As a mission driven B-Corp, the Advanced Metrics team of professionals adheres to a core set of values that force us to be more than a software company and guides our daily aim to Make Data Human.

Doing Business for Good

Advanced Metrics is part of a growing group of Lancaster, PA business leaders who have committed to intentionally aligning business practices with the overall well-being of our community. By supporting the In Good Company business initiative and actualizing BCorp values we are taking responsibility for how our business practices benefit our community, environment, customers, suppliers and employees. Doing good is good business.

Our Values


We work diligently to cultivate strong and honest relationships with each of our partnering agencies and customers.


We are committed to the highest standard of excellence.


We desire that all our engagements  are  intentional,  purposeful and thoughtful.


We encourage joy in the daily lives of our team members and partnering agencies.


We adhere to our mission and values.


We want all of our solutions and services to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of communities and individuals.


We sustain an innovative and a ‘keep at it’ attitude.


We reach our goals through teamwork and the combination of the talents that each person brings to the software development and implementation process.

What B Corp Means to Advanced Metrics

Global Network

Advanced Metrics is proud to be one of almost 3,000 B-Corps, 17 of which are located in Lancaster, PA!

Reflections of Our Values

Our status as a B Corp reflects the values, mission and vision upon which Advanced Metrics is grounded and continually strives to uphold.

Improving Ourselves

By choosing to embody the B Corp standard, we have an ongoing commitment to sustainability, purposeful employment and giving back to our community.

B Corp at a Glance:


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