What is QUALO?

QUALO is a software solution designed to easily alleviate the data collection and reporting burden that is so often experienced by those working in the health and human services fields.

Data Got You Down?

Don’t let your data be a burden. Let QUALO put your data to work in away that benefits your clients, clinicians, and programs to deliver better care and quantify impact.

What can QUALO do for you?

We understand the critical nature of your work, and that’s why we’ve designed QUALO to specifically cater to your vital data collection requirements. QUALO comes equipped with a wide array of standard features that are tailored to suit your needs. For a nominal fee, we offer the option to seamlessly integrate APIs. By doing so, you can improve care coordination and reduce the chances of duplicate data entry.

Additionally, we offer QUALO Tool Builder, giving you the ability to create custom tools and functionalities that perfectly align with your specific requirements. Not only will this save you time and effort in the long run, but it will also result in cost savings for your organization.

Tool Builder + Library

Access QUALO’s extensive library of assessment and data collection tools or build your own with QUALO Tool Builder! Create, deploy, and manage multiple data collection tools that fit within your organization’s workflow. You decide the tools your staff will have access to and when they should be completed and let QUALO do the rest with prompts and reminders to ensure your team collects the right data at the right time.

Reporting Insights

QUALO Insights gives your entire team visibility into client progress, staff caseload, compliance – you name it – all in the interest of improving client outcomes and informing organizational health. Our team of Data Analysts and Partnership Managers work with your organization to ensure the data you’re collecting is visualized in a way that works best for you. From dynamic graphs to paginated reports, QUALO Insights is the engine that drives your organization forward.

Configurable Workflows

Your organization is as unique as the lives you support – so why live within the confines of a preset workflow? With QUALO, we can effortlessly customize workflows to fit the needs of your organization and staff. Align your workflow with an evidence based model, or set the cadence yourself. The experienced team at Advanced Metrics will work with you to ensure the workflow implemented at your organization crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s.

Case Management

As an administrator, the last thing you need is a complicated process that bottlenecks your ability to manage staff and clients. QUALO eases the burden through a simple, clean interface, putting you in control of your organizational health. Deactivate, reactivate, reassign, reenroll – your wish is our command.

Care Coordination

For organizations with multiple programs or service lines, and those collaborating with other organizations, you need a simple way to share information in order to deliver the best care. QUALO provides the interface your organization needs to get your clients the care they deserve. Let QUALO remove the challenges around coordinated care so you can get back to doing the good work.

Alerts and Reminders

Your staff has enough on their plates – why add more? QUALO presents your staff with a list of tasks and tools due today, in the next weeks, and overdue.

Alerts and reminders can be configured to align with your organization’s workflow, ensuring nothing is missed. QUALO’s calendaring function empowers your staff to manage their time, in their own time.



Interoperability is vital to care coordination and case management efforts, which is why QUALO was built with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and EHR integration top of mind. QUALO has the power to bring together disparate systems, enabling the seamless exchange of information to eliminate duplicate data entry and improve workflow efficiencies. Real-time flow of information gives all parties access to the information they need, when and where they need it most. QUALO comes with APIs available out-of-the box for just a small set up and monthly maintenance fee.


Advanced Metrics is committed to being good stewards of your data, which is why QUALO was built with security top of mind. From Multi-Factor Authentication to security auto-timeout, and role-based permissions to multi-tenant environments, QUALO’s HIPAA compliant protocol ensures Protected Health Information (PHI) remains in the hands of the right people. Plus, Advanced Metrics is SOC 2 compliant so our customers can be assured we securely manage data to protect their interests and privacy.


Implementing a new system is challenging enough, who has time to field inquiries around system functionality, respond to training needs, and troubleshoot technical questions? We do! QUALO’s knowledge base is filled with all the information your team needs for continued training and support. Plus, our ticketing support system is embedded directly within QUALO, giving your staff a direct connection to the real humans invested in their success. Simply submit a ticket and we will connect!


This Is How We Do It

Don’t carry the weight of implementation alone. Once you are part of the Advanced Metrics family, you will be working directly with a Partnership Manager who will get to know you and your organization’s needs. Our Six-Step Implementation model is grounded in a collaborative relationship with the customer and involves ongoing assessment allowing for successful data collection and reporting.


That’s the magic!

Innovative software and a dedicated, multidisciplinary team.

Ready To Make a Real Impact?

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