Helping Make Sense of Your Data

Confident Use of Data can be a Hurtle

The Advanced Metrics multi-disciplinary team assists partnering agencies to increase their confidence in presenting data by providing support with data analysis, conference preparation and professional writing.

Features & Benefits

Developing a concise data narrative that tells an individual, agency or community story

Collecting data can be the easy part. Presenting that data in an engaging and succinct manner to a client, to show agency progress or to funders and oversite organizations can be an extra challenge.

Data being collected should be used to informed decisions

Consultation opportunities are an added value to our partnering agencies. We want to assist you to develop the professional skills needed to showcase the good work that is being done every day and the outcomes and progress of supported communities and individuals. 


Q: What content experts does Advanced Metrics have?
A: Advanced Metrics multi-disciplinary team of content experts touch varying aspects of community and human services: Implementation Science, Outcomes Management, Data Analysis, Children and Youth’s Mental and Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Qualitative Data Collection, Collaborative Community Engagement, Data Analysis, Facilitation and Strategic Planning.
Q: What type of consultative services does Advanced Metrics offer?
A: The team at Advanced Metrics provides consultation for:
  • Data analysis and support
  • Conference Preparation, Collaboration and Presentation Options
  • On-Site Professional Development Training
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives
Q: How can data consultation benefit my agency or organization?
A: We have found that wielding large amount of data, can be challenging, especially when continuing to provide needed interventions to clients. We provide our partnering agencies with the support needed to quickly develop data reports and craft professional narratives that illustrate outcomes.
Q: How is training offered?
A: Advanced Metrics offers training in numerous formats that are designed to meet end user needs. This includes in-person trainings, web-based instruction, video tutorials, training manuals and regular check ins with agencies to ensure that users’ needs are being met.

Other Services

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