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This past week the KIDnet team at Advanced Metrics had the opportunity to review Dr. Lyons and Dr. Fernando’s webinar on ways to best complete the CANS via non face-to-face modalities. After reviewing the webinar, Nate Lubold Advanced Metrics’ Director of Training and Implementation and former CANS/ANSA trainer wrote down his thoughts about using KIDnet when completing the CANS/ANSA remotely.

I was really taken with how Drs. Lyons and Fernando reflected on the CANS/ANSA as a tool to collect the individual’s story. They had great recommendations and insight into ways to continue to build trust and a therapeutic alliance via non face-to-face modalities.

To build upon their recommendations, I would suggest reviewing the CANS/ANSA prior to speaking to an individual, their family members or team.  During the conversation, really listen to the story for potential changes or new symptoms that are being experienced. After gathering the story go into KIDnet and enter the data into the appropriate CANS/ANSA. Wait until after your conversation, don’t split your attention between trying to complete the CANS/ANSA and gather the story.

A benefit of using KIDnet is that all the data can be entered in a secure HIPAA compliant manner. Clinicians do not have to worry about securing notes or a paper CANS/ANSA in a home file while they wait to return to a site-based office. Data collection and change over time can be monitored and calculated in real-time regardless of location or means of administration.

I would suggest everyone review the hour-long video TCOM Collaborative Assessment is the New Normal by Drs. Lyons and Fernando.