Women bring a diverse, creative and collaborative perspective to the technology workforce. However, despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits all manners of diversity bring to innovation, women continue to be disproportionally underrepresented within the technology field. In 2016, The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) published a comprehensive review; in 2017, ISACA published a survey of the current position of women in technology, both of which are well worth reviewing in full.

Diligent work is needed to create a balanced and diverse workplace that empowers women in technology.  By example, technology companies can create an environment that provides access to mentors and role models. Providing access to a mentor is a proactive strategy to recruit, retain and support women in the technology industry. As Alisha Ramos, Senior Front-End Designer at Vox Media advises, “Having role models who are the same gender as you, who look like you, who came from a similar background as yours, can go a long way.” Women should be supported to seek out and create opportunities that foster professional mentoring. Events that encourage industry connections, peer to peer advising and networking can create a more welcoming atmosphere for aspiring women in technology.

Advanced Metrics  is committed to diversity in the workplace and values the skill sets and perspectives that women in technology bring to the workforce.  As a commitment to those values, Advanced Metrics is proud to sponsor a WomenHack event on October 18, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. WomenHack is a professional community that helps women advance within technology companies and promotes women’s issues through a variety of events and networking opportunities. The aim of each event is to create a more inclusive tech workforce. Event nights include diversity talks, rapid interviews and casual socialization.  Our team at Advanced Metrics is excited to facilitate peer to peer and mentor connections, speak with attendees, share stories, network and have a bit of fun in a safe and supportive environment. Please consider joining us at this free event on October 18th at the Bio Park at 7pm. You can RSVP here!

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