Earlier this year, the women at Advanced Metrics gathered to complete a Women in Leadership training as part of the company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. The training was guided by Karen Mitchell of Cottage Insights and provided the women a supportive environment in which to learn, share, and grow, both as individuals and as a team. The training included discussions on enhancing our strengths, observing the ways in which we may unintentionally undermine our own power, and strategies to best support each other’s growth. The result is a team of women who are empowered, encouraging, and eager to advance the role that women play in the field of technology. The following is a Q&A conducted with a few of the Women in Leadership training attendees after the first training session.


Why do you think this training was identified as an important opportunity for the women working at Advanced Metrics?

Sara: Women are traditionally undervalued and less likely to be taken seriously in leadership roles, especially in the technology sector. Historically, our culture has created a system where women are competing against one another – this group allowed us to see each other as a team and lift one another up instead of cutting each other down.

Patrice: To realize the value that each one of us brings to the company and to each other.

Erin: Technology is heavily dominated by males and it is exciting to see a company that is 50/50. Also, because it is an industry heavily dominated by males, females must assert themselves more than they do in other fields.

Michelle: This training provided insight on issues or topics we don’t normally mention but deal with on a day-to-day basis.



What were your takeaways from this training both for yourself as well as the larger team?

Sara: Everyone is very similar in their insecurities and fears. I absolutely love how we now check one another to not say “sorry” when it’s unwarranted and remind each other to stand in our power when we’ve accomplished something great.

Patrice: We are all a lot more alike than we realize!

Erin: I was honestly shocked how well we bonded and how open we all were.

Michelle: I learned to stop saying “sorry” as much, be more assertive and confident, and learn to communicate more effectively and transparently.


 What do you see in the future for women in technology and for those women in leadership positions?

Sara: In general, I’m finding more and more women empowering one another rather than using each other as steppingstones. When we realize we are more powerful than society gives us credit for, we have the potential to completely flip the industry on its head – to rethink the way we work and what we value, to force our voices to be heard, and to focus our time and energy where it’s most needed and valued.

Patrice: The more we believe in ourselves, the more powerful we can be. And if we support those above us and around us, together we can be unstoppable.

Erin:  As I see women entering the tech field more and more, I think the stereotype around women in leadership will fade.

Michelle: I see a brighter and better future as long as we keep the conversation going about women in tech. I see more equal opportunities for women to shine and be confident.


If you had one piece of advice for a woman who was newly working in the tech field, what would that be?

Sara: Your opinion cannot be of value if you never share it. If someone makes you feel like your work or your words are not valued, that is a reflection them – not you.

Patrice: You matter and you are important! You are here for a reason!

Erin: Stand proud – you know what you’re doing.

Michelle: Don’t ever be afraid to reach out and ask for help – there are plenty of resources available to help mitigate any gaps.



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