QUALO Home Visiting Software: An Easier Way to Gather the Right Home Visiting Data

March 21, 2022

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 “Ongoing performance monitoring is vital to understanding whether desired family and child outcomes are being realized.” So says the Pew Charitable Trust. Performance monitoring relies on gathering the right data accurately and consistently.

However, data collection is just one element of a home visitor’s busy day and when a child or family has high needs, sometimes data collection takes a back seat. That’s where QUALO Home Visiting Software comes in. It provides guided data collection to support evidence-based home visiting models. It’s a way of making accurate data gathering easier without adding more complexity to this busy job.


Features of QUALO Home Visiting Software

There’s a specialized enrollment workflow that guides users through the process of initial screening, assessment, and determination of service eligibility. Having software assist in navigating the enrollment process decreases the likelihood of missing data and assures that home visitors are collecting the right information to get families needed resources. In total, there are 48 standard reports- each one fulfilling MIECHV requirements and ensuring adherence to model accreditation.

Also, QUALO Home Visiting software takes the guesswork out of data collection. Data collection is cued based on the requirements of the evidence-based model being implemented and there’s just enough flexibility for home visitors to employ their professional expertise.

This thoughtful balance ensures that home visitors can focus their attention on direct engagement with families. This software includes unique tools like the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and Devereux Adult Resilience Survey.

And lastly, there are checks and balances built in. Home visitors don’t need to worry about missing a required piece of information because required information is clearly marked to ensure it’s not overlooked. Checks and balances assure accurate data entry for annual federal and model accreditation requirements and compliance.

Whether they’re working from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, home visitors can rest assured that QUALO Home Visiting software is collecting all the information they need to best support the families they serve. In fact, as of today, over 7,000 families have received services with the help of QUALO Home Visiting Software.


QUALO Home Visiting Software At a Glance

Curious about how QUALO Home Visiting can help your program collect the right data at the right time? View, download, and share our handy infographic with the decision makers in your program, or schedule a demo with our team today.

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