COVID Is Spiking: A Software Enabled Health Management Strategy is Critical

April 9, 2021

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Vaccinations for COVID-19 are rolling out and, according to the White House, all Americans will be eligible for a vaccine by May 1, 2021.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 infections in the United States are on the rise, with over 65,000 new infections reported on average each day. CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, said the trajectory of the pandemic in the U.S. is following European countries like Germany, Italy, and France which have experienced a “consistent and worrying spike in cases,” according to CBS News.

Director Walensky goes on to say that we can change the current trajectory of the pandemic, “But it will take all of us recommitting to following the public health prevention strategies consistently while we work to get the American public vaccinated.” Properly managing the health of employees at work is an integral part of public health prevention strategies.

Using QUALO Healthy Pathways for Health Tracking

Advanced Metrics’ software, QUALO Healthy Pathways: COVID Edition, offers a best-practice solution for employers as part of an overall health management strategy. The QUALO Healthy Pathways platform ensures:

  • Data on exposure, quarantine, and isolation is accurately tracked.
  • Employee information remains secure, private, and confidential.
  • Dashboard reports provide real-time summaries of what’s happening with employees across your enterprise.
  • Senior leadership can quickly make smart decisions about returns-to-work.

By seamlessly integrating QUALO Healthy Pathways into their workflow, employers can better manage employee health and ensure their enterprise remains productive. Here’s how:

Contact tracing: All employees are able to report disease exposure to their employer easily and securely via mobile or laptop. These contacts are then traced to provide a clear view of other employees who may be at risk of getting sick. This same method is used to record COVID test results and vaccination records.

Symptom tracking across teams: Individuals report their symptoms daily and receive notifications to help them plan when they can return to work or school. This means employers can identify who’s sick, who needs to quarantine, and what impact that may have on operations. Dashboard reports mean no more spreadsheets or notes in employee files.

A return to work/school planning process: Data from users is shown in aggregate reports. This helps leaders plan how to maintain operations and how to safely allow the return of employees back to work and students back to school.

This plan creates a manageable process around the public health prevention strategies that we know work: social distancing, proper hygiene, and quarantine. Empowered by software, workflow becomes seamless and disruptions are lessened, resulting in the measurable improvement of operations.

QUALO Healthy Pathways: COVID Edition is a flexible, secure software platform that can be customized for any organization. Contact the team at Advanced Metrics to request a demo today.

Advanced Metrics is a Certified B-Corporation dedicated to improving lives by uniting community-based services with science-informed approaches.


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