The All-Remote Workplace: Perspectives on Becoming a New Team Member in a Virtual World

Advanced Metrics New Employees Onboarding
April 28, 2021

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Over the past year, Advanced Metrics became an all-remote workplace, as was the case with many other employers. We have been fortunate enough to continue to grow, which means we have recently hired some talented new team members, each of which bring a unique perspective on what it’s been like to be recruited, on-boarded, and begin working in a virtual, all-remote workplace. 


Meet Our Newest Team Members 

Michelle, Junior Web Application Developer 

Kevin, Business Analyst 

Sara, Operations and Outreach Manager 

Drew, Senior Software Engineer 


What is it like to be a new hire in a virtual world? 

Michelle: It has been different than previous jobs I have held. I never knew remote work was possible until now. 

Kevin: It’s weird not being able to meet your coworkers in-person until 7 months into the job! However, being in a familiar environment (home) while so much of your job is new is definitely comforting and makes the transition a little easier. 

Sara: Wild! Luckily the systems already in place at Advanced Metrics allowed for a seamless transition from in-person to virtual. In fact, I’d say I’m more productive virtually since, I can quickly transition between meetings, easily multitask, and don’t have to worry about travel time. 

Drew: It is interesting, but I really like it. Takes a lot of trouble out of things. 


What have you learned about team building and teamwork throughout this process? 

Kevin: Trust is integral to team building and is much easier to establish in-person. Virtual meetings felt impersonal at first and complicated the trust-building process. It took a little longer to get the “well-oiled machine” level of teamwork established but once we got the hang of it, everything flowed much easier. 

Michelle: I miss that in-person human interaction, but Zoom/Teams/GoToMeeting have all helped to make teamwork possible in a fully remote world.  

Drew: I do think I miss the value of in personface-to-face meetings, but the use of webcams has made that transition easier.   

Sara: I rely heavily on non-verbal communication, which I think is lost/very hard to rely on in the digital world. Some personalities can easily transition into more exaggerated movements, but for those more reserved personalities it can be hard for me to personally feel a connection/establish a rapport without that non-verbal reassurance. It has forced me to really examine my own communication style and needs and work harder to establish a connection with everyone on a team in a way that best suits both of us! 


What is one piece of advice you would offer to other companies or new hires during this time? 

Kevin The difference good documentation can make is immeasurable. 

Michelle: Keep onboarding meetings short and concise! 

Sara: I think establishing boundaries is incredibly important for both employers and employees. When working from home, it is so easy to be constantly available, which is not healthy for the individual or the team (increased stress, higher probability of burnout, etc). Employers must establish clear boundaries so employees understand what is/isn’t expected of them in this new world, and employees must feel safe identifying those boundaries themselves if that isn’t already established. 

Drew: Be flexible. At times, all people will have troubles with all online items. Also, make sure you have more of a buffer period for people to get adjusted – it will be even harder for new hires to get acclimated without physically sitting next to someone. 


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