Be Good to Each Other: A Letter Addressing COVID-19

March 17, 2020

We know that everyone’s experience with COVID-19 and the measures needed to maintain personal health and the health of family members and communities will be unique. In the days ahead we want you to know that we have a steady hand in maintaining the integrity of the Advanced Metrics software platform you utilize. Our business continuity plan is in place and we are stable. We consider you to be more than customers, we are here to support you as partners and friends.

 If you are transitioning to a remote work environment, we can be a resource for how to securely complete remote work and maintain communication with co-workers.

 If you are stepping back from work, we will be here to support you when you come back, whether through simply resetting an expired password or consultation on how to prioritize outstanding assessments.

 Know that the good work you do has left those you support in a better place to manage these unforeseen times.

 Be Good to Each Other. We Are Stronger Together.

 The Advanced Metrics Team

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