Advanced Home Visiting

Supporting Home Visitor Workflow

Advanced Home Visiting is More Than Compliance-Driven Software

Beyond Data Collection: Supporting the Home Visitor’s Workflow

Home visitors provide a meaningful service to children, families, and expectant parents through the coordination of resources, parental education, and support to make homes safer. Part of home visiting is completing developmental screenings and collecting data to tailor home visiting services, inform family goals, and help families reach their desired outcomes. However, home visitors did not get into home visiting to collect data! 

We often hear that home visitors want to focus on their work with families and that technology and data collection should not get in the way of family interactions.

We completely agree; a home visitor’s time is best spent interacting with families!


Guided Enrollment and Screening Process

A specialized enrollment workflow guides evaluators through the process of initial screening, assessment, and determination of service eligibility. Having software assist in navigating the enrollment process decreases the likelihood of missing data and assures that home visitors are collecting the right information to get families needed resources.

Assessments and Tools

Prompting of Assessments and Tools for Ease of Data Collection

Our home visiting software navigates home visitors through a specified evidence-based model, such as Healthy Families America, and cues the home visitor as to what tools, assessments and information are gathered within a specific time frame. In turn, supervisors, funders and implementing agencies can be assured they’ll get the information they need for accreditation and reporting.

Advanced Metrics Home Visiting Software Comes with The Tools Home Visitors Require

  • All Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQs)
  • Edinburgh Depression Scales
  • Healthy Habits
  • CHEERS Assessment
  • MIECHV Domestic Violence Screener
  • Substance Use Screening Tools


Health Monitoring, Resource Coordination and Tracking of Referrals

Advanced Metrics Home Visiting Software securely organizes the information needed for resource coordination. Immunization tracking and referral coordination are examples. Immunization administration dates are recorded, and recommended administration dates are provided for home visitor reference. Appropriate community resources and health care referrals that are informed by a strong assessment process are generated, leading to better outcomes for families.

Model Fidelity

Validation of Data to Ensure Fidelity to Home Visiting Models

We built our home visiting software to include checks and balances, so home visitors don’t have to worry about missing the collection of a required piece of information. Required information is clearly marked with a red R to ensure it’s not overlooked.

Reports and Outputs

Accurate Data Leads to Accurate Reporting

Learn more about Advanced Metrics Home Visiting Software reporting and output features.


The guided workflow in our home visiting software was developed by our team, in partnership with actual home visitors to take the guesswork out of data collection. Home visitors are provided cues for data collection while also leaving enough flexibility to employ their professional expertise. This thoughtful balance ensures that home visitors can focus their attention on direct engagement with families.


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