March 23, 2020 Newsletter: Using Maxwell (Advanced Home Visiting) Remotely

Hello Home Visitors and Maxwell System Users

We continue to work with our partners to review Health Families America (HFA) guidelines for telehealth. Telehealth and remote work are ways for human services workers and home visitors to remain in contact with families and clients when in-person meetings are not feasible or not preferred.  Maxwell is a web-based application, which means Maxwell can be used as part of an agency’s telehealth initiative.

The Maxwell team at Advanced Metrics reviewed HFA’s Guidance for Sites who are Implementing a Telehealth Approach or moving families to a Creative Outreach Level. We have highlighted specific HFA telehealth strategies and how they can be implemented and documented within Maxwell.

Creative Outreach: “If virtual home visits are impossible, or if the regularity of such visits are affected due to disease outbreak, then sites should consider placing families on a Creative Outreach Level.”

Service level changes are completed inside of the Supervision Meeting.  Supervisors and Local Management Board Admin roles can access and update service levels. If your agency does not have a service level, please submit a Solution Support Ticket and we can guide you on how to update this drop down. Service levels were established when Maxwell went live and Creative Outreach (CO) and Temporary Reassignment (TR) are available levels of assignment.   

Administrating the Parent Survey: “Owing to COVID-19 restrictions, the Parent Survey can be administered virtually during this time if device cameras are available to support it occurring face-to-face…If this is not possible, phone conversation is allowable and it is understood portions may not be completed until an in-person contact can occur. If this impacts the timing of when a family is family is determined eligible this must be documented.”

In Maxwell the Parent Survey is title: The HFA Family Stress Assessment. How data is entered into this assessment is unchanged through use of either phone or video conferencing. There is a description box at the top of the page where a home visitor can document how (ex. video or phone) the information was captured.

Administering Other Tools Within the Required Timeframes: “Intervals for administration of ASQs, ASQ-SEs, depression screens and other tools may be missed during this time. Again, note the reason in family file documentation, and administer the tool at the next possible interval (vs what may be current policy).”

There are several screenings that can be administered over the phone or by video conferencing.  The ASQ is one of these assessments.  The assessments are available for home visitors in the Tools Library.  Additionally, if a due date has passed in HV tracker, an assessment can be entered at a later date through the Tools Library.

Observing CHEERS: “For CHEERS documentation on virtual visits, sites should follow guidance related to prenatal CHEERS. Ideally all domains will be documented.  When this is not possible, FSS should capture a minimum of 2.  Expression and Smiles (Joy) may be the domains that are easiest to observe virtually. “

When completing the CHEERS Assessment in Maxwell all fields must be completed. This assessment is six observations domains that are Yes or No answers.  If one area of the CHEERS was not observed, a home visitor selects No. There is a dialogue box next to each item where a home visitor can record why a domain was not observed.

Family Goals: “The expectation for all families to have an initial family goal established within 3 months of the first home visit, and an active goal at all times subsequently, may be affected by reduced in-person visits. However, it is possible to “suspend” a current goal and work together with the parent on a new goal that has emerged in response to the current crisis.”

The Family Goal plan sits outside of HV Tracker. A home visitor has the option to complete steps within a goal plan or create a new goal plan. This new goal plan can be specific to COVID-19 needs.