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Customers as Partners

We see ourselves as partners with our customers, assisting them to meet their mission to support individuals and communities have positive life outcomes. Our Solution Support team enhances this relationship to ensure concerns are effectively and efficiently addressed. This is Rebecca one of our Solution Support Heros!

Features & Benefits

Personalized Solution Support

Our Solution Support representatives partner with the end user to gauge the severity of a request, aid in the information gathering process and establish an efficient and effective plan for resolution.


Q: What is Solution Support?
A:  Solution Support is Advanced Metrics branded version of a Help Desk.
Q: How do you contact Solution Support and what are the Solution Support hours?
A: Solution Support can be contacted during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding National Holidays. You can contact Solution Support via phone or email.
Q: What can Solution Support help me with?
A: Solution Support representatives can help with training and implementation questions. Solution Support representatives will work diligently to  resolve any challenge you might be experiencing. 
Q: What happens after I submit a Solution Support ticket?
A: A Solution Support representative will review the request and send it to the correct Advanced Metrics Department for further evaluation and development (if needed). A Solution Support representative will provide regular updates until the concern is resolved. 

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