Software Grounded in Clinical Expertise and Experience

Advanced Metrics Specializes in the Fields that are Important to Human Service Providers.  By working with Advanced Metrics, you will have the peace of mind knowing that our software is informed by clinical experience and through careful collaboration with scientific advisors. We know that software needs to be informed by the workflow of health and human service providers and provide easy to use data that can be used for real time decision making. That is why the team at Advanced Metrics is dedicated to having a deep understanding of the services that our customers provide and we are committed to our own professional development. When you work with Advanced Metrics, you will be supported by a knowledgeable team, that is current on the services, assessments and treatment trends being currently implemented in communities.

Home Visiting

Home visiting means so much to so many different people.  The foundation of home visiting is a way to support pregnant moms and new parents as they navigate the challenges of raising a child.  MIECHV programs improve outcomes for children and family through implementation of evidence-based home visiting models. Home Visitors and home visiting agencies provide support and services such as parenting and healthcare education, child abuse prevention, early intervention, educational services, and connection with other social-service programs. We have invested time in become familiar with models and understanding the reporting and credentialing needs of home visitors and home visiting agencies. QUALO Home Visiting provides the data collection and decision making tools that home visitors need. 

Mental and Behavioral Health

Helping people understand and overcome life obstacles can be highly rewarding and challenging work. Mental and behavioral health providers observe, assess, and provide treatment with the goal to improve health and wellbeing. Whether you provide childhood or adult mental health services, the Advanced Metrics team understands the treatment planning, data collection and decision making you require. Our QUALO Behavioral Health Software can help. 

Strategic Coaching

Strategic coaching helps individuals reach personal and professional goals, achieve agency objectives, and enhance leadership and mentoring capabilities. Coaching is conducted through virtual one-on-one sessions and group sessions. In strategic coaching, coaching teams work in partnership to achieve short-term and long-term goals and progress is data driven to achieve maximum impact. QUALO Strategic Coaching software can improve the performance of teams. 

Workforce Health Strategies

Understanding important occupational health issues and trends is critical to understand workforce issues and guide strategies to maintain a safe and healthy school or workplace. An integrated health strategy can help improve health through employee and student management, changing health behaviors, and reinforcing social norms supportive of these health goals (Sorensen and Barbeau, 2004). QUALO Healthy Pathways software provides the information needed to support these initiatives.

Care Coordination

Care coordination involves deliberately and efficiently organizing and sharing information to achieve safer and more effective care. Clinical needs are assessed and known ahead of time and communicated to the right people to provide a comprehensive and effective plan of care. Advanced Metrics helps customers innovatively measure outcomes in human services to address health concerns and associated social issues such as food insecurity, social exclusion, and economic instability. QUALO Community Health software makes this process easier.