Social Determinants of Health

The Conditions to Which We Are Born, Grow, Live, Work and Age

Social Determinants of Health can Significantly Impact Physical and Mental Well-Being

Five key social determinants are: Economic Stability, Education, Social and Community Context, Health and Health Care, Neighborhood and the Built Environment. Understanding the data that relates to these determinants helps society make informed decisions that can improve undesirable conditions.

Advanced Metrics’ Solutions Assess and Monitor Social Determinants of Health

Assessing social determinants of health and measuring the outcomes of interventions that address these determinants, can lead to social and physical environments that encourage healthful living.

Industry Statistics


return on investment when health care navigators assist patients navigate industry and social structures.  ~ JAMA Oncology


of health outcomes are related to individual behavior and the environment. Grouped together these are known as Social Determinants of Health. ~ National Academy of Medicine

Products for Social Determinants of Health


NavWell is an innovative decision support and diagnostic tool that focuses on improving physical and behavioral health outcomes for children. NavWell connects primary care and behavioral health providers to create an improved continuum of care and enhance support for youth and families. View Product


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