Materials to Keep You Updated During the COVID-19 Emergency

At the Advanced Metrics Resource Center, you will find materials and helpful links to current topics and events in the behavioral and public health world. During the COVID-19 emergency, we will be using this space to provide you with helpful links to industry relevant topics. Review the Industry Resources area for case studies and helpful tips from your colleagues. Consult the Bulletin Board for specific resources related to implementing Advanced Metrics software via telehealth. Scroll to the Industry Updates and Insights Section for clinical, telehealth and policy resources. 

Industry Resources

Bulletin Board

The Early Impact of COVID-19 on Home Visiting

The Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative recently published a brief on COVID-19’s Early Impact on Home Visiting. As outlined in the brief, the HARC polled local home visiting programs on their early efforts to adapt to telehealth initiatives while continuing...

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Stories from the Field: Implementing Telehealth

The past few weeks have been met with challenges, changes, hope and a whole lot of learning about what is possible! Especially how to support clients and their families through remote or telehealth services. Human service workers and families are reporting benefiting...

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Industry Updates and Insights

Clinical Resources and References



Telehealth and Remote Working Resources


State and Federal Policy Updates


Home Visiting in the Time of COVID-19: Successes and Challenges

Part Two in the Advanced Metrics Webinar Series: Home Visiting in the Time of COVID-19, brought together two seasoned Home Visiting Supervisors, SheTiel Coley-Winder, MA and Carlos Merchan, BA. In this webinar, they discussed what they are seeing on the front lines...

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