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Gather the right data for compliance, accreditation and insight

Reporting for Home Visiting: Using Collected Data to Measure Impact

Home visiting programs need accurate data and smart reporting to be successful. Demonstrating measurable improvement across benchmark domains is a necessity for home visiting funding and evidence-based model accreditation standards.  Advanced Metrics Home Visiting Software has the reports and reporting features needed for easy point-in-time monitoring of data collection and the completion of annual federal and model accreditation reports. 

However, the reporting features in our home visiting software go far beyond compliance, offering users options to monitor outcomes, get business intelligence, understand resource allocation, and measure collective impact.

We know that the correct data is needed to identify gaps in services and to explore the realities of limited funding. And the reality is that understanding who benefits from home visiting means we can see who might benefit from home visiting in the future.

Advanced Home Visiting: Gather the Right Data for Compliance, Accreditation and Insight

Reporting capabilities to identify which precise elements of home visiting make an impact, on families and individual communities.

The ability to monitor agency operations and inform the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process.

Built-in checks and balances, to assure accurate data entry for annual federal and model accreditation requirements and compliance.

Reporting features that are pertinent to measuring the global impact of home visiting and where resources should be directed.


Compliance and accreditation reporting should not be burdensome. The checks and balances built into our home visiting software alleviate reporting pressure by requiring home visitors to collect specific pieces of data which are mandatory for reporting purposes. Data quality reports can be run at any point in time for internal monitoring of compliance. Plus, federal and accreditation reports are presented in an easy to interpret format, relieving undue stress while remaining in compliance with oversite agencies.

Business Intelligence

With over fifty reports immediately available, Advanced Metrics Home Visiting Software has the data analysis horsepower needed to monitor your state and/or agencies’ goals and inform your CQI process. And as for supervising your team, the data quality reports flag data collection issues early so they can be fixed through training.

Measuring Impact

Want to look at data in a different way? Advanced Metrics Home Visiting Software powerful data export feature allows you to configure exported data however you want. This makes it easier to identify trends, see needs, and allocate resources with agility. As a result, you can provide better service to children, families, and expectant parents.

Data Analysis Support

With all this information at your fingertips, we know that you’ll want to do more than gather and report numbers. You’ll want to harness the insights and present them to highlight the impact of your state or agency’s home visiting service and showcase the resources required to change the lives of children, families, and expectant parents. Our home visiting team is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and data analysts that are available to help you tell your home visiting story.

Make your data work for you; tell your home visiting story; show your positive impact in the lives of children, families, and expectant parents.


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