QUALO: Quality of Life Outcomes

Software products coupled with unparalleled specialties and supports is what makes Advanced Metrics different.

QUALO stands for Quality of Life Outcomes and is a collection of software products designed to provide data informed decision making and insights for health and human service agencies, workplaces, and community organizations. QUALO empowers users to manage workflow and easily measure outcomes to understand treatment trends, workforce health, secure funding, maintain fidelity to Evidence Based Practices (EBPs), and enhance leadership and mentoring capabilities.

QUALO: Quality of Life Outcomes Quantified

The experience, vision and skill of the Advanced Metrics team has resulted in QUALO: A collection of software products built to be used individually or collectively manage workflow, health and measure progress and impact.

QUALO Home Visiting

QUALO Home Visiting’s guided data entry aligns with home visitor workflow, supports delivery of quality services, and ensures HRSA, MIECHV and model accreditation requirements are met in the process.

QUALO Behavioral Health

QUALO Behavioral Health is a web-based software application that equips behavioral health practitioners with the data collection and decision support tools needed to provide exceptional behavioral health care and presents this information on sleek, intuitive dashboards and easy to translate reports.

QUALO Community Health

QUALO Community Health is an innovative, comprehensive software application that assesses individual’s needs, coordinates care across providers and reports on the outcomes of coordinated intervention.

QUALO Healthy Pathways

QUALO Healthy Pathways is a web-based software solution designed for strategic management of COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses in businesses, schools and the community.

How QUALO Works

Each QUALO software application can be used as a standalone product. If you are a provider of home visiting services, QUALO: Home Visiting is built to guide home visitors through the home visiting model your agency is implementing and provide supervisors with necessary accreditation reports.

The QUALO collection of software products can also be used together. Say you are that same home visiting agency, and you want to provide your home visitors with specific coaching on a home visiting model. Simply add on QUALO: Strategic Coaching and provide home visitors with additional professional development opportunities.  With single sign on, QUALO users can access all that Advanced Metrics has to offer without the inconvenience of moving between disparate software systems. Each piece of the QUALO collection can be used together.  Strategic Coaching and Healthy Pathways, you got it. Home Visiting, Behavioral Health, and Strategic Coaching, we can do that for you.

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Easier Data Entry, Improved Workflow and Exceptional Reporting for Decision Making Towards Quality Life Outcomes