QUALO Healthy Pathways

COVID-19 Strategic Management and Risk Mitigation Software 

With uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 variants, federal mandates, and regulations, QUALO Healthy Pathways is a proactive workplace solution for businesses. QUALO Healthy Pathways empowers management with accessible insights into workplace safety and risk, while enabling employees to report COVID-19 health related information easily and confidentially to their employers. In addition to addressing illness and exposure, QUALO Healthy Pathways facilitates the tracking of employees who are vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and those who have chosen to pursue regular testing. Gathering employee information in an organized, secure, and easily reportable manner is critical to maintaining workplace safety.

A Pathway to Health

QUALO Healthy Pathways is a web-based software solution that is designed to provide a pathway to health for businesses and communities. Our software supports a management strategy that includes exposure reporting, documenting immunization status, regular testing, and a return-to-work planning process.

Advanced Metrics developed QUALO Healthy Pathways through close collaboration with experts in the areas of occupational medicine, human services, and business operations. The result is a software solution that meets the specific needs of end-users through a unique combination of comprehensive management strategies that promote health, efficiency, and safety in the workplace.

A Software Enabled Health Management Strategy is Critical


Sixty percent of small business owners will mandate newly hired workers receive the COVID-19 vaccination**


Sixty-seven percent of business owners report workers are concerned about complying with COVID-19 workplace requirements. **

More than 46 million individuals, in the United States, have had COVID-19*

*According to Johns Hopkins (November 2021)
**According to Newsweek Poll (November 2021)

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