QUALO Community Health

Software for Outcome Driven Community Health Initiatives

QUALO Community Health is an innovative, comprehensive software application that assesses individuals needs, coordinates care across providers and reports on the outcomes of coordinated intervention.

Healthcare Navigation An Investment in Patients

A 1:10 return on investment when health care navigators assist patients navigate industry and social structures. (JAMA Oncology, 2017)

CMS awarded $63 Million to organizations that offered healthcare navigators to their patients (CMS, 2017).


Hospitalizations decline by 8% when healthcare navigation is in place (2017).

The Future of Outcomes Driven Community Health Software

QUALO Community Health is the next step in the evolution of Advanced Metrics’ legacy software NavWell. NavWell began as an innovative decision support and diagnostic tool that focused on improving physical and behavioral health outcomes for children and has evolved into a comprehensive software tool that includes assessment of Social Determinants of Health needs and connects all individuals to community supports.

The NavWell software application was informed by a needs survey of parents living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The application was developed in cooperation with local practitioners and the Lancaster Orthopedic Health Foundation (LOHF).

NavWell and QUALO Community Health are easy-to-use data collection and decision support software applications that connects practitioners, assesses needs and presents outcomes and insights on intuitive dashboards and easy to translate reports.

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