QUALO Strategic Coaching

Software that Supports Remote Learning, Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Adherence and Workforce Development

QUALO Strategic Coaching is a software platform designed for remote training and coaching, so that individuals can learn new practices from experts located anywhere in the world; without the time, expense, health and safety concerns incurred by travel, especially in light of the worldwide pandemic.

Coaching by the Numbers


Eighty-six percent of organizations saw a return on investment when they invested in coaching strategies (International Coaching Federation, 2019).

More than ten thousand managers and leaders apply coaching skills and approaches in the workplace (Social Work Today, 2016).

Coaching generated $2.4 billion worldwide in 2015. (Social Work Today, 2016)

Strategic Coaching

QUALO Strategic Coaching is a web-based software solution that facilitates a simple and secure process of clinical coaching and supervision. Senior practitioners and coaches have the ability to guide trainees through the process of learning new clinical practices and techniques. This guided workflow ensures that when clinicians learn new techniques, they remain faithful to the guidelines set forth in an identified Evidence Based Practice.

Advanced Metrics developed QUALO Strategic Coaching through close collaboration with individuals from The University of Maryland School of Social Work: Institute for Innovation and Implementation who are experts in the areas of clinical practice and implementation science. The result is a software solution that meets the specific needs of end users through a unique combination of comprehension strategies that safely support remote supervision.

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