Our Process

Advanced Metrics understands the need for a strategic and structured process in order to lay the groundwork for successful software development and implementation.  Our multi-disciplinary team utilizes a science-informed and proven project management and implementation methodology throughout the entire software lifecycle. This approach provides our customers with the support they need, from initial requirements gathering and software implementation to sustained organizational acceptance.

The Project Management Resource Team

The Project Management Resource Team (PMRT) is Advanced Metrics’ version of a Project Management Office (PMO). Our PMRT ensures project management standards are implemented and maintained across all departments. We believe transparent and on-going communication ensures customers are aware of the status of their project and that potential impediments are identified and addressed early on. Following a standardized project management process increases productivity and ensures our customers receive quality products within identified timelines. The Advanced Metrics PMRT embraces a five-part process:

  1. Strategic Planning: The PMRT vets and selects projects that align with our internal standards, company culture, and mission to do business for good.
  2. Standardized Practices: The PMRT ensures best practices are implemented. This includes developing appropriate internal processes and documenting these as standard operating procedures.
  3. Culture: The PMRT works to embed project management within our company culture.
  4. Resource Management: The PMRT cues projects based on priority and reviews team schedules to ensure resources are available to complete projects.
  5. Documentation: The PMRT maintains documentation and reviews key performance indicators to promptly identify and address project impediments.

Implementation Science in Action

Advanced Metrics follows a vetted science to service implementation model that delivers support and specialized training for the initial and ongoing success of any software initiative. We have facilitated organizational, county, and statewide implementation of COVID-19 risk mitigation, behavioral health, home visiting, and strategic coaching software applications across the United States.

Features & Benefits

Our Six-Step Implementation model is grounded in a collaborative relationship with the customer and involves ongoing assessment allowing for successful data collection and reporting.


Our readiness and implementation assessments review resources and evaluates if the solution innovation fits the needs of the individual, community or agency.


Agencies and stakeholders are engaged in meaningful dialogue, and agency champions are identified, and the organization is outline to ensure a successful implementation.


Milestone events, goals and start dates are identified and agreed upon. Trainings are completed to prepare agency users for implementation.


The innovative solution innovation or initiative is launched.

Feedback Loops

Feedback on the software and implementation process is collected and evaluated. Specific focus is placed on comparing outcomes with initial goals and identifying ways to improve the process.


Strategies are implemented to ensure that the software or initiative is well supported for ongoing sustainability. Trainings are continually available to ensure ongoing success.


What is implementation science?

Implementation science is the study of how evidenced based practices and interventions are adopted into real world behavioral and public health care settings.

What is Advanced Metrics implementation philosophy?

Advanced Metrics implementation philosophy is embedded in implementation science. This includes careful planning and evaluation throughout all phases of the implementation process.

How is training offered?

Advanced Metrics offers training in numerous formats that are designed to meet end user needs. This includes in-person trainings, web-based instruction, video tutorials, training manuals and regular check ins with agencies to ensure that customers’ needs are being met.