Student Mental Health Screening

Identifying Unreported Mental Health Issues in Teens

The best way to prevent a suicide-related crisis is to intervene and provide help before a crisis presents itself.

When we identify and support young people who are experiencing mental health symptoms, including those teens thinking about suicide, we have an opportunity to help prevent a fatal tragedy.

Youth Mental Health by the Numbers


More than 40% of teenagers state they struggle with ongoing feelings of sadness or hopelessness.


More than 50% of parents and caregivers voice concern for their child’s mental health.


Nearly 20% of high school students have had serious thoughts of suicide.


More than 16% of teens and young adults experience a mental health disorder.


1 in 5 students seriously contemplate suicide.

QUALO Behavioral Health Student Mental Health Screening is designed to support schools and community-based organizations in:

  • Identifying potentially undetected and undiagnosed mental health conditions.
  • Helping teens better understand their mental and emotional health.
  • Normalizing mental health conversations.
  • Connecting teens with adults and resources.
  • Proactively addressing harmful behaviors such as cutting, self-medicating, and suicide.

A Teen Mental Health Crisis

Three million US adolescents have had serious thoughts of suicide.


40% of teens state they struggle with feelings of sadness or hopelessness.


More than 16% of US youth have experienced a mental health condition.

Implementing QUALO Behavioral Health as part of a school-based emotional wellness screening program is seamless.

  1. Students receive unique, temporary log in credentials and are guided through the process of assenting to the screening program and completing a PHQ-9 and GAD-7.
  2. All students receive educational information and resources to empower them to take control of their mental and emotional wellness.
  3. Staff are provided with student scores in real time and receive an alert if a student is flagged as reporting concerning mental health symptoms.
  4. For students reporting concerning mental health symptoms, staff are guided through a 30-day workflow designed to connect students with resources and trusted adults and encourage students to access treatment options in their community.

This simple screening process means staff have more time to engage in a meaningful dialogue with each student.  The software is HIPAA compliant, and the student’s information is de-identified when the 30-day workflow is completed.

QUALO Behavioral Health: Student Mental Health Screening was developed in collaboration with TeenHope, a student empowerment program grounded in years of solid research and clinical wisdom. Originating from Columbia University’s TeenScreen program, the intentional design of TeenHope identifies and supports young people experiencing mental health conditions and provides the opportunity to intervene before a potentially fatal crisis.

In the 21-22 school year, Samaritan’s screening program, TeenHope, found that over 34% of all students screened had thoughts of suicide or self-harm within two weeks of their screening date.

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