Enhancing Secure Communication

Facilitating Treatment Decisions with Seamless Connectivity

Advanced Metrics’ APIs have allowed state and community behavioral health agencies to more effectively share information related to client care and progress.  When invested agencies can share data and coordinate care based on that shared information, individuals and communities benefit. 

Features & Benefits

Direct and Secure Connections

Within Advanced Metrics’ QUALO application, an API client library is available. This library allows for almost immediate communication between a behavioral health agency and Advanced Metrics’ QUALO Application.

Enhancing Service Provision

Our Team of Developers is available to speak with you about API potential and how these connections can be easily developed, enhancing service provision, decision making and communication.


What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a list of commands that determines how software applications communicate with each other and the kind of output that is returned to a system user, following a software user inputting a request.

What does an API do?

Generally, API’s are used across many software applications. An API receives requests and sends back the responses allowed for public use.  If there is no connection made or resources available following a request, a user may receive and error message. Intentionally designed API’s can be used to control security, reduce the code needed and establish consistency across software applications on the same platform.

How is an API developed?

An API is developed like any other software application. It should be properly planned for, specifications gathered and securely coded.  This includes the information that is allowed to be communicated, how it should be communicated, what error messages are seen and specified security policies.