Advanced Home Visiting

Maxwell Supports Evidence-Based Home Visiting Models 

Improving the Quality of Home Visits

Advanced Metrics’ home visiting software, Maxwell, supports evidence-based practice (EBP) home visiting models and the implementation, management and evaluation of home visiting service delivery.

Designed and Developed for Home Visitors

Maxwell is a secure web-based software application that was designed to meet data collection requirements for providers and funders, and has the tools to support supervision, data collection, and home visiting effectiveness.

Key Features

Innovative Home Visiting Tracker

Maxwell’s specially designed home visiting tracker provides guided data entry for evidence-based home visiting models.

Informed by Home Visitor Workflow

Maxwell includes caregiver management tools and scheduling support, and allows for the completion of In Home Visits.

Accreditation Support

Maxwell eliminates the need to use multiple data sets for multiple funders or oversight agencies, and offers a customizable report suite to meet individual needs.

Advanced Home Visiting (Maxwell) Highlights


Home Visiting Sites




Home visits completed in the system per day (average)


Models can be utilized for customization in the Home Visiting Tracker feature


The Advanced Metrics team is dedicated to helping our customers maximize the benefit of our software in their organization and community through our range of services.

Implementation & Training

Our science with service model incorporates a vetted implementation and training approach that reflects best practice implementation science.


Our solution support representatives partner with the end user to gauge the severity of a request and aid with information gathering to ensure efficient resolution.

Application Programming Interfaces

Advanced Metrics’ Application Program Interface (API) can be used to connect our software to your existing electronic health record or databases.


Advanced Metrics provides consultation in data collection, data interpretation, conference preparation, utilization of data in treatment and outcome planning.

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