2019 Q1 Newsletter

2019 has been another busy and exciting year!
As summer begins, we want to take a few moments to catch our breath, update followers and let you know what is ahead.

A Focus on Collaboration and Partnership

As a mission driven company we have a core set of values that guide our daily aim to Make Data Human. These values are: Trust, Quality, Mindfulness, Happiness, Integrity, Goodwill, Grit and Partnership. This newsletter will focus on the core value of partnership and the collaborative relationships we strive to develop within our team and with our customers and partners.

Our team defined how we view collaboration and partnership, both internally and with the customers who use our solutions.

“An effective collaborative team has shared goals where the success of each individual is dependent on the success of all and no one individual moves ahead of the group during work. The combination of talents maximize the energy, creativity and passion of the individual and team.”

Advanced Metrics Operations Division

In our experience, collaboration and partnership should be fostered in a variety of ways. Our team identified 5 strategies we use to maintain partnerships and increase collaboration.

  1. Utilize Conferencing Services. Remote meetings and conference calls are a common and necessary part of doing business. Testing equipment prior to meetings, ensuring lines are not ‘double booked’ and having an internal telecommunication policy can go a long way to ensure effective communication.
  2. Authentic, Personal Engagement and Communication. Being willing to listen, having a meeting over a cup of coffee and following up an email with a quick phone call; have assisted us to maintain and increase collaborative relationships.
  3. Ongoing Evaluation. It is important to reflect on the status of relationships and partnerships. One technique that the we find helpful is to have a quick but honest internal debrief conversation following a meeting. The supportive feedback can enhance individual performance and relationship building.
  4. Be Accountable and Honor Commitments. Honoring commitments is likely the most important and at times the most difficult strategy. However, early acknowledgment and reevaluation of the reason for a delay of a deadline or commitment is an important first step in maintaining relationships.
  5. Clearly Identify and Define Goals. Having a clearly outlined strategy to meet a deadline, with specific benchmarks, can help a team be accountable to each other and the ongoing success of the collaborative relationship.

Embracing Collaboration in Data Interpretation and Presentation

We purposefully strive to have a multi-disciplinary team of professionals at Advanced Metrics. Our mission forces us to be more than a software company. We assist with data interpretation and crafting a data narrative to support our partner agencies to tell their story behind the data to their funders, policy makers and conference attendees.

In April 2019, we had the pleasure to partner with The Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation to present at The Pennsylvania Community and Public Health Conference: Invigorating Public Health in Pennsylvania Through Community-Based Initiatives. This presentation reviewed local care coordination efforts and readiness challenges.

In May 2019, we had the pleasure to partner with The University of Louisville at the National Child Abuse Conference. At this conference, interventions implemented in child welfare agencies to promote the well-being of children in out of home care was presented. Advanced Metrics’ Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment (CANS) software system was utilized to gather the treatment data in an innovative manner, monitor outcomes and provide decision making support.

In June 2019, we partnered with the University of Louisville to conduct CANS training at the 2019 System of Care Academy in Kentucky. Our breakout session facilitated dialogue among clinicians regarding how to effectively use the CANS to inform treatment decision making.

Highlights Since the Last Advanced Metrics Happenings

Advanced Metrics was proud to be included in Fig Magazine’s Spring 2019 edition. This edition featured Benefit Corporations (BCorps) doing business for good in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Check us out at Fig Lancaster.

We also expanded into a new location in Timonium, Maryland. The Advanced Metrics Software Engineering and Development team is settling into a space that allows greater collaboration and creativity among the developers. You can still find us at the at the University of Maryland BioPark in Baltimore and at our office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania too!

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